Brynn Erin Rumfallo was born on July 1st, 2003 in Queen Creek, Arizona. Brynn is 14 years old. She is the daughter of Ashlee Allen and Aaron Rumfallo.

Brynn started dance at the age of two. Brynn’s current studio is Club Dance Studio in Mesa, Arizona.

In 2013, Brynn was one-fifth of dance troupe, Fresh Faces, where her fame began. Her group went on America’s Got Talent but didn’t make it past semi-finales.

Just a year later, Brynn competed again for Mini Female Best Dancer at The Dance Awards in 2014. Brynn made it to the Top 11, meaning she had to do the improv competition. You can watch her improv here. She is the third girl from the left. She also had a ballet and jazz audition that was not shown on the livestream. Brynn’s solo, auditions, and improv landed her in the Top 3. The last day of The Dance Awards, the Gala, Brynn and the other top 3/11 girls were brought up onto the stage. After announcing who got first runner up, Brynn found out that she had won the title of Mini Best Dancer in Las Vegas. You can watch her win the title here. You can also watch the solo that won Brynn her title here.

Brynn became a model for Miss Behave Girls in 2014, and has been modeling for them ever since. Brynn also became the brand ambassador for their company, Miss Fit by Miss Behave, in July 2016. Both companies sell stylish and comfy clothing for girls and dancers.

In October of 2015, Brynn was cast as a member of hit reality show, Dance Moms. Brynn came in as a replacement for fellow dancer, Maddie Ziegler, while she was filming a movie. Brynn quickly became a fan favorite, and later a permanent member of the team. Brynn and her mother Ashlee left the show in March of 2017.

Brynn designed a clothing line that came out on her 14th birthday, July 1st. The line is called Brynn Rumfallo Collection.

Brynn is currently in Arizona attending High School and working in Los Angeles.

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